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Zhiyun Smooth-Q puhelimille

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Ultra-light, agile, and powerful, the new generation 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer, Smooth-Q from ZHIYUN makes every frame you capture Smooth and steady while eliminating all shakes in shooting. Compactly constructed with a built-in battery supporting up to 12-hour runtime, it weighs only 450g with excellent portability.

Featuring advanced electronic stabilizing technology combined with unique extendable axis design for easy one-step balancing, it not only can work with PLUS-size smartphones, but also further supports various add-on matches, such as external lenses and light-compensating lamps.

Your smartphone is now turned into a professional motion camera, but more than that, it’s super easy to shoot, edit and share cinematic footage right through one APP - ZY Play, with instant manual zooming, object tracking and other intelligent controls.

Functional & Design Features:

  • Convenient power output for real-time mobile charging;
  • Instant manual zooming control through the stabilizer;
  • Supports extended 12-hour continuous work time;
  • Featured by the 5th Gen. Instune high-precision stabilizing algorithm system;
  • Compatible with smartphones of sizes within 6.0“ (frame inclusive);
  • Unique extendable axis design for one step balance adjustment;
  • Two-way mobile clamp for easy bi-directional (vertical and horizontal) mounting switch;
  • Supports max. payload of 220g allowing lens add-ons with different focal length;
  • 5V/2000mA power output for convenient add on of light-compensating lamp, etc.;
  • Auto object tracking and time-lapse capabilities with multi-style filter options;
  • Individualized multi-color design;
  • 450g ultra-light and compact construction.
  • Built-in rechargeable 18650x2 Li-ion battery with mobile power supply;

Key features:

  • Direct mobile charging thru gimbal
  • Instant manual zooming control
  • 12-hour continuous work time
  • 2-way mounting frame for easy switch
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