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Zhiyun Crane-M 3-AXIS GIMBAL peilittömille järjestelmäkameroille

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Toimitusaika 3-7 työpäivää


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Helppokäyttöinen ja kevyt 3-akselinen kuvanvakaaja peilittömille järjestelmäkameroille ja pokkareille. Kameran (ja objektiivin) max. paino 650g.

The Friendly Giant for All Lightweight Cameras

If you are looking for a “camera-friendly” stabilizer for your mirrorless or compact digital camera, GoPro and even smartphone, CRANE-M would be your ideal choice. Exquisitely crafted by ZHIYUN for all-level users, it is mountable by most camera models on the market with weights ranging from 125g to 650g.

Play It and Be PRO
The bulky machinery of traditional stabilizers are gradually replaced by newly appeared electronic 3-axis stabilizers, nowadays, which are much smarter, more user-friendly and time-efficient in its operations. CRANE-M has played these advantages to the extreme, with its weight equals to just one bottle of water; any individual can shoot steady and smooth streams with pro-level effect. With CRANE-M in hand, all you need is imagination and action.

All-in-1 Control Panel
CRANE-M is the first stabilizer in the world that realizes synchronous control of camera thru connection of a dedicated camera control line (currently available for SONY and most Panasonic models). Through the simple-designed control panel on CRANE-M handle, users not only can pan, tilt, and roll the connected camera, but also make zooming, and photo/video shooting controls.

Full 12-hour Around the Clock
Featuring ZHIYUN’s unique 32-bit high-speed MCU parallel control technology, the work efficiency of control motors on all three axes has been greatly improved, thus reducing power consumption during operations. CRANE-M comes standard with 2 pieces of 26500 Li-Ion batteries supporting an extensive working hour of up to 12 hours that it backs up for any challenge you may come upon.

High-integrated Control Panel
The highly integrated control panel on CRANE-M makes it super easy and convenient to use by putting all available functional controls, such as mode switch, angel adjustment, zooming and photo/video shooting, etc., all within reach of your thumb.

  • Friendly Design into Details
    As a flagship-level product with high compatibility, CRANE-M’s design team, while not overlooking users’ need of frequent change of cameras to tackle different tasks, has to the greatest extent simplify the camera mounting and adjusting operations by adding special scale marks and locating slots along the axes.
  • 1-min. Balance Adjustment
    CRANE-M supports instant manual mounting & dismounting of camera without need of a screwdriver with fixing thumbscrews on all four sides. In addition, camera balance adjustment is much easier on CRANE-M with its unique scale marks + locating slots design on each axis.
  • Single & Dual Hand Operation
    Are you tired of holding your stabilizer single-handed? Here comes the dual-hand handle to alleviate the load for easier, more stable operations with better body balance.
  • 1/4” Threaded Hole for Multiple Add-ons
    The standard ¼” threaded hole at the bottom of CRANE-M offers more flexibility at work allowing various add-ons of photographic equipment and apparatus, such as tripod, extension rod, suction cup, etc., to support in your creative works.


Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V  
Operation Current 80mA 110mA 6000mA  
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01°   ±0.03°  
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05°   ±0.2°  
Tilt Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Roll Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Pan Angle Range   360°   Unlimited Rot.
Operation Temperature -10°C 25°C 45°C  
Battery Runtime 12h   18h Balanced center of gravity
Charging Time   3h    
Valid Payload 125g   650g  
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